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Welcome to Neurodiversity Training International - The World's Premier Autism Mentoring, Training, Consultancy and Motivational Platform. 

Led By Autistic Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker and Thought Leader Jude Morrow. 

"Many have completed "autism awareness" training, but what did you become aware of? The negativities and outdated stereotypes about us. As someone who spent most of their life trying to be changed by others, It is now our turn. Attitudes need to change - not us". Jude Morrow



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Jude Morrow is the founder of Neurodiversity Training International - Transforming societal views on Autism and Autistic people to benefit the autistic community, parents, teachers and professionals.

Many people have done some form of autism training in their time. Most people leave this form of training upset and fearful for the future. Not here! NTI is a motivational platform that champions a strengths-based approach for autistic people young and old worldwide. Come to our free Motivational Mondays For Parents Sessions - Live with Jude Morrow. Read more in the Motivational Mondays for Parents Tab. Teacher Tuesdays is CPD Accredited Autism Training for Teachers/Teaching Assistants/Student Teachers and covers all educational levels. Workplace Wednesdays is CPD Accredited training to inspire professionals to take a different and positive approach when working with autistic people.


Read Jude's Story To Self-Acceptance in his globally acclaimed debut book - Published by Beyond Words - Publisher of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

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All products, services and systems need to have the backing of the Autistic Community - I help companies achieve this using both my autistic, and professional perspectives as an experienced practicing social worker. From idea - to concept - to production - to marketing and to the approval of the autistic community.

I also help non-profit organisations generate more donations, more interest and further outreach by adopting a Neurodiversity Approach. Helping non-profits to build a truly helpful organisation that the autistic community will support in full. From assistance with web-design, copywriting, campaign building, restructuring, logo design, social media presence and organic outreach.


Nothing about us, without us!

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