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Returning Spring 2021


Our free weekly live session for parents of autistic children

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Even in 2021, the training parents receive on autism is incredibly negative, and taken straight from an era close to the 1950s.

This is something completely different. This is an inspiring and motivational session, delivered by an autistic person, using research that is led by autistic voices. Most sessions that parents attend are what autism is in the eye of professionals who observe, not from those of us who live with it everyday as part of their identity. This will provide every parent with a FOOLPROOF strategy to build better relationships with their autistic child. This session will save you thousands of £s and $s on expensive "therapies" and "supports" that desperate parents are often railroaded into.

The language, symbolism and "behavioural" interventions that are taught are frowned upon by the autistic community. This session is designed to fill parents with hope for the future, not a lifetime of misery and fear like many other organisations would teach. This is a motivational session to see the gifts that autism brings, the incredible minds that autistic children have that, if nurtured, will bring them confidence and hope.

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Parents leave traditional "Autism Awareness" training sessions feeling fearful for the future... now for something uplifting and inspiring.

This session will cover:

  • Jude's own story of growing up as a non-accepting autistic child into a proud autistic adult.

  • The negativities surrounding autism and how we can all work together to remove them.

  • Parents awaiting a diagnosis for children.

  • Discussing a diagnosis with them and siblings.

  • How using the correct terminology and symbols will help your child build confidence.

  • Breaking down the myths of stimming.

  • What autistic people ACTUALLY struggle with - not what others THINK we struggle with.

  • How your child is already wonderful and incredible exactly how they are. Autistic children are not a broken version of normal.

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"Autistic people have been at the forefront of human endeavor for centuries; Einstein, Newton, Michaelangelo, Mozart, Stanley Kubrick... the list is endless. Without us, the human race would still be living in caves and spearing fish. We all have Autistic Spectrum "Disorder", disordered compared to who?"

Jude Morrow

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